[Mindray] 26 Years of Mindray PM Monitors What It Takes from Zero to One


From zero to one. There is no stop

It has been four generations since 26 years ago when Mindray first entered the mid-acuity monitoring market. With the clinical needs in mind, Mindray has been constantly seeking a solution to the main monitoring pain points in sub-acute units and general wards – measuring interference and heavy workload.

In most cases, patients in sub-acute or non-acute health conditions are active or partly active, bringing unintentional yet frequent interference with the monitoring process. Consequently, false alarms could happen every now and then, adding further burden to the already short-handed sub-acute units and general wards.

With these issues being recognized and understood, Mindray has developed insights into what caregivers really need from a patient monitor – it has to be accurate, reliable, informative, easy to operate and clean, while at the same time highly compact and fully connected to the IT system.


Young as we may seem. We are standing strong.

Accuracy and efficiency are important. Hence, the Mindray has come up with the various mid-range patient monitoring series in order to cope with those longstanding challenges in these units. Starting from the first generation 509 patient monitor through to PM-9000 and iPM series, and to the brand-new ePM series which was just launched, our deep clinical insights are integrated into and embodied by each generation of the patient monitors.

In each generation, Mindray mid-range patient monitors have seen remarkable technological improvements in quality, functionality, workflow and UI design, all of which are based on our 26 years of heritage and innovation.

Today, over 1.1 million Mindray monitors have been used across the world ever since the very first generation, and people from 190 countries are benefiting from our service, making us one of the global patient monitoring leaders.



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