Specialties – Medisource Supply (Asia) Co. Ltd.


Company Profile

Accident and Emergency (A&E)

Our portfolio includes supplies different types of products that help you to solve the emergency problem of patient who undergone emergency problems.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Our suppliers equipped with different types of high qualified devices that help you to provide intensive care to your patients in the intensive care unit.

Anesthetics and Surgery

Our portfolio includes supplies anesthesia consumables including oxygen mask and bougies. Patient monitors and vital signs to help you monitor the situation of your patient when undergoing anesthesia.

Dental Clinic

Our profile provides below products that fulfill the requirement of normal dental clinic.


Our profile provides a variety of endoscopic instruments that professionals need to utilize in their daily jobs. The products are limited to endoscopic instrument (biopsy forceps), but also patient monitors that helps monitor the situations of the patient.

Ultrasound Imaging

Our profile provides different equipment and consumables that helps you to finish quality ultrasound imaging checking with your patient. The products are not limited to ultrasound machine (Mindray) and other consumables which are the ultrasound sterile gel and ultrasound paper.